Mr Allen - Denmark Hill

Mr Allen - Denmark Hill


Work at Our House on Denmark Hill


Dear Jan,

I am sending this letter to you to show our appreciation of the work that you have completed at our house.

The scope of the work was as follows:

  • Strip out former bathroom, prepare floor for installation of under floor heating, create new doorway, and build new partition wall.
  • Prepare floor in front bedroom for installation of under floor heating.
  • Install new bathroom fixtures in both bathrooms, tile and decorate rooms.
  • Decorate front bedroom.
  • Decorate upstairs bedroom, including painting exterior paint on windows and frame.

All of this work was carried out to a high standard. It is worth emphasising that almost all the taps and toilets in the bathrooms are concealed in walls so many tiles had to be cut accurately to ensure the quality of finish.

We were impressed with the care you took with all aspects of the work and in particular how meticulous you were in ensuring that the decorative finish was excellent while being careful to make everything work as it should. Again many of the items that had to be fitted were in themselves expensive and your care of all the pieces was impressive.

As we discussed when you finished this work, this is just a first phase and we expect to employ you again when we move on to the next stages of the refurbishment of our house.

Once again may I say how impressed we have been with the quality of the work that you have done.

 Yours sincerely

 Charles Allen